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Masyarakat Tanpa Riba. Tris/Isa UK number. +447428 297819

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+62 812 1594 7852 WhatsApp Indonesian number. Use this one for WhatsApp. 

+44 7428 297819 British number also works.   Tristan. . Contacct us if you want a higher class of English.  Face to face coaching and online. 

Quality and tradition take time. 

News Dec 19th. Leather now produced from raw material to workable leather. Get a bag early. :) 

News: Fri. 30 Nov. 2018. The raw material has been received by the factory and the leather is now being processed.  Once this is done the bags will begin to be made. To order yours please email us at  or WhatsApp us through the numbers on this site. Cheers.  

We have been spending time researching bags such as Fendi and other top designers to get inspired and make sure our quality is second to none.  And considering the prices of our 'competitors, different bags' are £500 up to £10 000 for a bag, we think you will like what we offer'. 

Buy more than one and become a distributor.  Contact us for info. And then you can sell from your base on Amazon etc.. Ebay.. etc.. 


  • Order one our handmade bags, from the finest leather, traditionally made in Yogyakarta Indonesia, to the highest standards. 
  • The highest quality large leather handbag, with shoulder strap.
  • Crocodile skin details available, upon request full export license with our partner. 
  • Beautiful 1.5mm leathers, strong and durable in a beautiful natural orange brown leather, with top quality zips, buckles, tailoring.  
  • December '18. Offer:  IRD 2 000 000. $132. + Shipping.  (for bulk purchases). RRP £200++
  • We can also produce the same bag in crocodile skin we have, our supplier of the skins can also get export license for exotic skins. POR.  We personally like the leather bag. Great price, great bag. 
  • We price as low as we can. We estimate this bag could be marketed between $300 and $800 ++.
  • 100% Halal. 
  • The first batch will be ready by mid December 2018 we estimate. 
  • Only 10 currently available, at the time of writing. 
  • Whatsapp + 62 821 450754 to order the bag  with the highest level of finesse.
  • Soft, feminine. Female bags. 

Property development service Indonesia.

  • We can organize for homes to be built.
  • For information message us.  
  • We believe we can offer the best prices and highest quality, due to the local knowledge and our experience in building and owning land in partnership. 
  • Locals working with locals for a better environment. 
  • Foreign investment welcome and advice available.  Message us if you would like a consultation. 
  • We know of some great parcels of land, for sale which can be developed on the hill just outside Jogja, Indonesia, art, university and cultural city, Indonesia's second biggest tourist destination after the Bali area by numbers, and we think the number one for quality. 
  • We can also source land such as farm land or whatever your need. Our fees are very reasonable.
  • Message us.

Indonesia tours 

Group and bespoke. 

Tours. We currently usually promote / outsouce to Kresna. 

Please mention us when you book and ask for a 5% discount. 

Message us through this site if you need help arranging this. We will do our best to help. This is available on most tours.

Kresna Tours.  Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

We are also available at times to assist or carry out tours. 

Click around our site to see what else we offer. 

  • Such as opportunities to go flying from the cliffs of Java or from Bali depending on the season

100% Halal is your bag? :) 

Visit our homestay between the beach and Yogyakarta.

  • Help us go beyond 4.4 our of 5 or 8.8 out of 10. In business internationally  for over 20 years .
  • Our AirBandB rating is 4.4 out of 5, over many reviews and has risen consistently since we began. 
  • Healthy. Friendly, Intelligent and Trustworthy. 
  • We are a family run business. 
  • Between us we are fluent in English, Indonesian, Spanish and Vietnamese with some Arabic..
  • We are also open to learning more language skills. We have a highly educated team and value education. 
  • Click here for more info. 

Vitality, news, health, lifestyle, defence and more. . Aman.



We are:

  • Promoting hotels and guest houses in Indonesia. As well as real estate services. 
  • Aviation advice and assistance. 
  • Are developing an online  booking service for local Asian businesses.  As well a members and discount / reward card.  
  • A promoter or financial improvements, in short gold and silver currency.
  • A developing database of companies who now accept silver and gold as payment.  
  • We are also journalists, and artists, focussing on excellence and looking for solutions where required.  
  • A media company / advertising.

Have an excellent time. 


We also have a lifestyle, news / educational, blog news site related to Asia.

We are conscientious, stable, lively, cheerful, present, vital, happy, balanced and composed. We enjoy the state of felicity. From this position we provide news on our forum above we think is relevant. We also nurture good relationships. 


We promote and cherish wisdom, prudence, and an intelligent new way.


Same world, new equitable way.


Further information on a debt free, asset rich society. A happier life without a mortgage and Riba, can be for everyone not just the Rothchilds. :) #MTR

What is Riba/Usury? 

Lending money with interest. The interest paid is the Riba / Usury. 

The truth sets us free. 

We are fortunate and blessed.  However we do think the world could be better.  We believe there is probably  a lot of suffering going on due to people getting 'persuaded' to borrow money and then the 'bank' seizes or tries to seize  their cows etc.. if they don't pay the interest, or puts them on the street if they can't pay their mortgage. We believe these issues are more related to Riba than religion etc.  We personally are OK but we believe if we are blessed it it surely our duty to give back. 

According to an issue of the Guiness Book of Records we have seen post the year 2000. the Rothschild Family are worth in the range of $500 trillion. There are now websites out saying this is fake news. The Guiness book of records is normally accurate right. Meanwhile the family blames the worlds hunger and problems etc.. on 'climate change' etc.. (we encourage caring for and love the environment, by the way)   We are curious how the Rothschild family are giving back they seem rather quiet at the moment. ??

We see the main person who is wrong here logically is the one who is doing the lending, and gaining from zero work, and not the one who borrows.

Riba (Islam), Ribba (Judaism) and Usury (Christianity) is considered wrong in all of the scripture linked to these religions. 

Click here for some more info.

 A Happier society without usury / Riba. 

The Rothschild will not divide us,  stay united for humanities, earth and Gods sake. 

If you would like to edit this article please emails us with your suggestion.  

In short the solution is an equitable gold and silver currency where the USofA for example can still heat their houses and fuel the cars in the winter and summer, not as Muammar al-Qaddafi's plan. 

Have an excellent time. :) Enjoy!

Research Imran N. Hosein.  Click here. 

Our business philosophy on a macro and micro level be it our government or businesses is anti usury in case you had not guessed. :) . 

Let's fly. Promoting Aviation.


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Focussed for the greater good.

We are blessed and don't really currently need donations however if you would like to collaborate and have idea we are not 100% opposed to financial help, either way feel free to message us, we would love to hear from you. 

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